Get The Football Player Style Like Antonio Gates

Professional football players, though not paid to look good like many celebrities in existence, often develop a perfect sense of style, maybe since they're so often inside the public eye and realize that they should rise to your occasion. One of the seeks pro football players that gets them lots of popularity and attention, particularly from female fans, is diamond gangster rap jewelry. More and more athletes have to this look, including Antonio Gates. Here are a few advice on what makes Antonio's style work so well, and just how you can emulate it to make it work towards you.
Antonio Gate's Style
Antonio Mitchell Gates Jr., tight end to the San Diego Chargers, continues to be playing pro since 2003. Since then, the 32 year old is popping up on magazine covers, sporting a peek that makes him equally as appealing to watch away from the field as they is to watch during games. The diamond earrings and watches he has become seen in are his very own (not merely an accessory furnished by the magazine), as well as the confidence he shows in the accessories and incredibly shines through within his smile. He knows he looks good, and flaunts his reggae jewelry to exhibit it.
Get The Look
You mightn't have the striking confidence of Antonio Gates right this moment, but through a few tips from his style there's a chance you're able to develop it. Off the field they are often found in clothing that's nice, yet clearly comfortable. Most often his outfit is often a nice two of pants coupled with a simple blazer over the crew-neck shirt. The reason these effortlessly comfortable outfits look so stylish is because they are always followed by good jewelry. Though his classic look is often a diamond earring as well as a nice watch, any fine rap jewelry can actually be made to function here. If you prefer necklaces, this could make a great substitution. As long as your accessories are well-made, you truly can't go awry.
High Quality
When football players rock jewelry it always looks good, and another of the advantages for this is because always choose quality. Whether it is diamond earrings or perhaps a necklace, in order to go for this look if you aren't getting the best value accessories, it is only not going to be effective. Diamond earrings can be so attractive on the man, as proved by Antonio Gates, but this doesn't count for reasonable imitations (women can identify). Find yourself a fantastic retailer and choose whichever styles suit you must.